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"I love having Angela as my leader! When I first joined team Minty, I didn’t know her, and was unsure of what I was getting myself into. It’s been a few months since I’ve joined, and I now realize that I couldn’t have joined a better team! Angela has been nothing but kind and soo helpful to me & my business. She goes above and beyond for all of us! I’m not sure how she does it, but somehow she just DOES IT. She is amazing and so is Team Minty!!! "

- Melody M

"First off, Angela is probs the nicest ever! She gives you all the info you could possibly need, and responds so quickly when I have questions! She is also so creative, she always is thinking of new tools and ideas that can help my business succeed! AND she is a master at balancing life, I don't know how she does it! She is basically lady boss goals, I'm so honored to be a part of her team to see some of the "backstage magic!"

-Stephanie O

"Angela is the best! She is always finding ways to help guide us and lead us which is exactly what I need! We appreciate her always sharing and posting and helping keep me thinking and on track. She is so relatable and helpful, I’m so grateful I’m on this team and not another; I believe I will see more success being under her and being associated with all of the ladies on Team Minty!  I love the support felt!'

-Jennifer T

"I am SO glad I signed up under Angela, she is so talented and creative. Everyday she pushes me to do better within this amazing company. She also takes the time to provide me with everything I could possibly need to be successful. She is teaching me so much and I am so grateful to have to as my upline! I am so excited to see where see where Team Minty takes me in the future!"

-Jenna K

"Angela is extremely warm hearted. She truly wants what is best for each of her team members. Angela has gone above and beyond to assist me in reaching Maskcara milestones, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her and Cassidy.  "

-Alanna M

"It’s rare to find such a kind and caring leader. Angela works for and with her team everyday! I couldn’t do my job without her dedication and drive. "

-Amanda H

"Angela is such a go-getter that she naturally inspires you to do the same! Her creativity and consistency allows you to see all of the different ways you can succeed in your business. She gives so many great tips, marketing tools, and coaching to each one of us! I can text her day or night and she is always there to help! She truly cares about the success of each person on her team!"

-Chelsea D


"Angela is the epitome of a “girl boss!” Not only does she run a super successful business but she provides each one of us the tools to be successful. She takes the time to help all of us and I think we’re all truly grateful, plus she’s the sweetest and nicest person ever!"

-Courtney L

"Angela is as real as it gets!!! Have you ever read “The Giving Tree”? That’s Angela Knutson!!! As a Mom, a friend, and a leader! I can fully describe her as the ultimate Boss Babe! Joining her line of teams was the best decision because not only have I been graced with the coolest chick in town, but I’ve been taught the art of how to create and run a Work at Home business! I couldn’t have done this without the way that she answers every question I have, she goes above & beyond to explain each answer & Angela teaches me whatever my desires are to learn! I’m a super lucky Artist to be a piece of her Team Minty! "

-Cassidy S


"Angela is such an inspiration! She is a fantastic leader who is so supportive, always has new and creative ideas, will help or assist you with anything you need, and is truly passionate about this makeup and everyone involved! I love being a part of this sisterhood and it is all thanks to her!"

-Deidre L


Making women feel and look gorge is seriously priceless, I cannot say that enough. That's my GOAL in life!

At Maskcara Beauty, we truly believe that we can have our cake and eat it too. But what does that really mean? It means you don’t have to choose between financially supporting your family and spending time with them. It means you don’t have to choose between helping yourself or helping others. With a little creativity, optimism, and hard work, you can have it all.




Basically your job is to share your passion for the makeup and business,  color match your customers, show them how to apply it, and then make a bomb commission! The best part, its such a small start up cost to start what could turn into a huge business for you!!! No overhead, you can work from the dang beach if you wanted to. You can make it a full time thang, side hustle, or your side hustle could turn into your full time too!!! Gah, I just cannot say enough.

Direct sales truly is the new way of business these days, and specifically with Seint Beauty, we are so so so ground level! Barely ALMOST open 6 years. The growth already haS been NUTSO! The potential is HUGE and not to mention there are hardly any artists out in the world! You could be the first in your area! 


The make up is such an amazing concept and unlike anything else. It sells itself, it's convenient, easy, timeless, and women will ALWAYS want  makeup. Makeup will never go out of trend. 


Main question I get: 

"Do I have to be a makeup artist?"

NO!!!! We literally teach you everything! I will give you sooooooo many tools to be successful! That's what I am here for, to teach you!!

Be sure to fill out the form above to be sent all the goodies about becoming an artist on my team!

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